How Biometric Attendance System Can Benefit Retail Stores?

It is (relatively) easy to track attendance in a corporate offices or branches. However how do you handle attendance tracking and compliance when you have dispersed outlets with varying staff strength of ten to fifty employees? 

  • Hardware Installation: Installing a hardware for attendance at every single shop is not practical, especially when the staff strength is not large.
  • Remote locations: A lot of retail stores are located in far-off locations, with limited internet access. However most attendance systems require internet connectivity. 
  • Relocation of Employees : Frequent Changes of duty locations between the Stores . 

FaceITSystems is Offering an Unique Cloud based Solution , where the System can run in Hybrid mode including face Device & Mobile . Employees can Punch their Attendance from Device fixed Location and also can punch from their Smart Mobile phone with Geo Location fixing or Geo Tracking facility . Further from the same Software weekly off, Leave , tour and employee tracking facility is also available. 

How Biometric Attendance System Can Benefit Retail Stores
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