Biometric Attendance Machine In Mumbai

Biometric Attendance Machines in Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the busiest cities in India. This city can be considered a business hub, Here it is very difficult to manage employees working within every industry or organization. So, we bring Biometric Attendance Machines in Mumbai through which you manage the time attendance of each employee or worker.

Biometric Attendance machine in Mumbai

Which biometric device is best for attendance?

You will find companies maximum valuable brand like Fortuna, FaceITSystems biometric machines In Mumbai. Each of these gives you accurate time Attendance for the entry gate in and out process. Moreover, you can easily integrate gate management, turnstile access control, and flap barriers with the help of these biometric machines.

Which biometric machine is best for industry and office?

Faceitsystems is regarded as the best biometric attendance device in India for offices & Industries It is an automated process of artificial intelligence-based face device real-time Time & attendance management, and leave management, Integrated with any type of Access Control with reliable monitoring and tracking of employee time attendance with shift management.

Biometric Attendance Machine Series

VF100X VF200 VF600 VF1000
Product Name
VF100X Walk through by AI based Face & Finger Attendance System for Smart Office VF200 Walk through by authenticating Face VF600 Touch Screen based Low Cost, AI enabled face recognition (with Mask) Attendance & Access control Terminal VF1000 AI based Attendance & Access control Terminal with Mask & Body Temperature detection & Logging
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