iCON Fingerprint device


Biometric Finger Print Reader based Attendance device

iCON : Pocket sized Battery operated Biometric Finger Print Reader based Attendance device with the following Specification:

iCON Technical Specification

iCON Finger Print based Device Working Process

We can provide the following Pointers in this:

  1. Outdoor use – Yes
  2. Portable – Yes
  3. Rechargeable Battery operated – Yes
  4. Robust – Yes
  5. Face or fingerprint (or both) identification – Finger Only
  6. Has GPS to indicate the time and location of attendance registration. – Yes, with add-on Module.
  7. Automatic data download when connected to local network via wire or wireless – Wifi(Wireless) or Blue-tooth
  8. Restriction of accepting attendance out of the assigned working location – Can download the finger print of Employees who are meant to be in that location. Anyone whose finger is not there will not be able to punch the finger.

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