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Access Control System

Physical Access Control / Attendance System in today’s context means opening an Electric / Electronic Lock to provide access to an armed location. The traditional configuration of such systems is done using manufacturer Client Software. Essentially based on identification technologies like Card Reader, Finger Print Readers, etc.,

It is more relevant to deploy newer technologies like Face Recognition devices & QR Code Readers etc., after the Virus threat. The Vendor specific Access Management Software (mostly based on Client Server technology) has limitations due to technology upgrades & tightly built architecture. Access is given based on RF Card or Biometric based on Gate and time Zone. Such systems have the limitation of granting permanent access until it is recalled.

Access Control System IOT
One Software, Multiple Modes

Types of our Access Control System

Desktop Based Access Control System

Desktop Based Access Control System

Classroom Attendance System (2)

Browser Based Access Control System

Web Based Cloud Communication Platforms & Software

Cloud Based Access Control System

Take your Access Control system to the next level

A comprehensive set of access control features for enhanced security of your workplace!

Define Multiple access zones

Shift (Time) based access control

Holiday and weekly off access control

How it works?

Use case our Access Control Solutions on Every Industries

door access control system

Entrance Door Access Control solution

turnstile gate Access Control System

Turnstile Gate Management System

Visitor management Access Control Solutions

Visitor management System

GYM Management Solution

GYM Management System

Integrated Gate Pass Management System IGMS

Integrated Gate Pass Management System

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Access Control