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Enhance the visitor registration experience with our effective visitor management systems.
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Our Visitor management software tracks and manages visitors entering and leaving a office or Organization. These tools are designed to make the visitor In and out timing.
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Visitor Management Systems & Solutions

When Many Visitors entered any industry or office for their needs, Generally, organizations find it very difficult to manage them. The problem here is that anyone can enter your organization without permission. It can be very harmful to your organization or office.

With the help of a proper visitor management system, you can automate your organization except manually. The question here is how we will use automation visitor management.

Don’t worry FaceIT systems is taken hardware plus software integrated solutions, This will save you from illegal entry and make the visitor management system emerge in automation mode.


what's visitor management systems

The touchless visitor registration Management System working Process

When any person or visitor enters any office or organization, Our integrated AI-based hardware plus IoT cloud-based Software automatically detects his activity and checks in the IoT database. When this visitor is confirmed then sent automatically popup alert on a smartphone, and an email is notified.  

Benefits of Visitor Management Systems for Office Security

  • QR Code
  • Face Attendance
  • Visitor E-pass
  • MIS Report Generated for Visitor Access 
Benefits of Visitor Management Systems Office Security

An Advanced Visitor Software

Security Gate Pass visitor management system

Security Gate Pass visitor management

Visitor turnstile gate pass Management

Visitor turnstile gate pass Management on face attendance machine

Get a QR-code e-passes on a mobile phone

Get a QR-code e-passes on mobile phone

Automated Generated E-pass Slip

Automated Generated E-pass Slip

E-pass is Ready for enter the gate

E-pass is Ready for enter the gate

Our AI-based Face Devices for Visitor Management

VF1000 hardware solutions

VF1000 AI-based Attendance & Access control Terminal with Mask & Body Temperature detection:

  • Screen: 7 Inch Resolution 1200*800
  • User Capacity: 10,000 Face (1:N), upgradable to 25,000
  • · Lighting compatible : 0.1 Lux ~ 30,000 Lux
  • Working Distance : 0.3 – 2 meter
  •  Record Capacity : 80,000, Security Photo : 80,000
  •  Authentication : Face, ID+Pin Optional : Card+Face, Card/Face
  •  Mask Detection : Yes
  •  Attendance : Interval, Work Status, Work Code

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