Integrated Gate Pass Management System (IGMS)

Integrated Gate Pass Management System (IGMS)

Gate Pass Management System

Integrated Gate Pass Management System for Multi-storied Building Complex

The Integrated Gate Pass Management System gate Access inside a Multi-storied Building Complex is maintained by Security Staff either by manual means of using a Mobile App based Solution. Even if there is a certain level of control at the Main Entry Gate, after the Entry inside the building Complex, the Individual building or Tower is loosely handled or unguarded. The Visitor or Daily Help may go anywhere after entering the Building Premise.

Community uses some kind of Soft solution or dis-integrated processes. This is an identified pain area. The Committee of such complexes need solution to automate & provide the Access using Technology for better security, especially in today’s new context.The Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Face Recognition System, that is FRS is best suited for this Use case. The Face registration is done using the Mobile Camera, for the AI based FRS.

Best solutions of Gate Pass Management System (IGMS)

  • Install FRS at the Main Gate connected to Turnstile or Boom Barriers for the Primary Access inside Community Complex.
  • Install FRS connected to the Gate using Electro-magnetic Lock, in the Lobby of the Tower, for secondary level Access.

Operation process of gate pass management system

  • Residents will be enabled for permanent access anywhere within the Complex. The Resident Picture will be used for this purpose.
  • Daily Help like Servent, Maids, House keeping etc., will be onboarded by Security Guards using Mobile App & allocated to the respective Building based on the engagement. The Validity date may be defined additionally.
  • Visitor may be onboarded by the Security using the App & enabled on the FRS Devices at the main gate and the respective Building Gate for providing Access. The Access of the visitor will be automatically removed once he leaves or based on date validity. A QR Coded Visitor Pass will be sent to Visitor WhatsApp number, if the FRS is not installed inside for the lobby access. The QR Code reading along with Visitor Face verification will be done using Security Guard App at the Lobby for providing Access.
  • Additionally, Resident may invite the Visitor by sending a Link on WhatsApp. Visitor may fill up the info and upload their Selfie picture. This Picture will be used by FRS on the day of Visit.

Apart from this the Security Guards may use the FRS for the Purpose of Punching Daily Attendance & Guard Tour.

All the data are logged & all access reports will be available on the click for tracking & security audit.

This is a Complete solution on Cloud for Integrated Gate Management System for Multi-storied Building Complex.

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