Canteen Management System

Faceitsystems implemented Canteen Management System using Face attendance Machine with cloud based Push technology providing end-to-end solutions and meeting customer-specific requirements. Our system is developed using AI Based integrated with contact less QR readers and Biometric (Face attendance) AI sensors for user identification and validation. 

Canteen Management System Features

  • Definable Multiple Canteen Time Zones(Like Breakfast, Lunch etc.)
  • Definable Menu/Item List under each Time Zone with default Quantity
  • Quantity may be varied by the user, using touch screen & simple UI.
  • Price for each item is fixed. This is given for calculation purpose, for showing(Non pre-paid System).
  • Items of same nature can be grouped suitably with definable Group Name
  • Group Name may be used for a Multi-vendor paid Canteen from a single Kiosk
  • Thermal Printer Interface for Coupon Printing for meal distribution
Canteen Management System Module

Canteen Management System Module

Smart Face has Canteen Management System Module. It may be implemented using our AI based Face Model VF1000 (with 7” Display & Touch Screen). It can be made to work like a self-help Kiosk Solution with A La Carta style Menu. It can be provided with Battery backup for installation on the Food Trolley.

It has definable Meal Time Zone(like Breakfast, Lunch) with A-La-Carta based Menu items (like Tea, Coffee, Idly, Meal etc. in different Time Zone) selection using Touch Screen. It has Thermal Printer Interface for Coupon Printing for meal distribution.

Canteen Management System Workflow

  • Employee will show his face to get identified in the Canteen System. Once he gets identified, his ID will be shown with Name/Photo.
  • The Item list will get loaded Group wise, after the face is shown, as per the Picture.
  • There is a Slider button, which will be enabled for “Default item”, with “1” Quantity.
  • If User wants to select any other item from the Item Group, he uses the Slider to select the other item.
  • If he wishes to change the Quantity, he finds the + & – button, around the Quantity, to increase or reduce the Quantity to be ordered.
  • Likewise the other Group having multiple Item will be operated by the User.
  • The total calculated value will be shown, ‘on the fly’ based on the items selected & ordered Quantity.
  • After the items are selected, by browsing through the defined menu options for the time zone, he will find a Confirm button.
  • Upon pressing the Confirm Button, it will Print the Token on the Thermal Printer, as per the Print format(definable Header & Footer), with Item List, as per selection.
Canteen Management System Workflow

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