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GYM Management System

GYM management System Using software

Perfect Gym Management Solution

Each center would have a AI Based face recognition Biometric Attendance device installed at the point of entry, connected to an electromagnetic lock.

When a member walks towards a gate, the Face machine does a liveliness/spoof detection, and identifies the Member with ID.

The Membership ID is posted to Fortuna Broker on Cloud. The Keep.Fit software subscribes to this & get the ID number for validation in online mode.

It Grants access based on the information mapped to his profile, for that Centre or Instance, if found to be valid.

If a member's subscription is not paid for, it denies the access.

This may be extended at will, to manage member access in an automated manner. The FRS device will work with the Keep.fitGym management software as a singular system.

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Our GYM Management solution In Multiple Locations

  • Customers pay for and subscribe to Gym memberships as per their
  • If gyms have branches in multiple cities and allow customers to avail
    their services in any city.
  • Memberships may also be given to customers based on time slots.
  • Gyms may have dedicated hours for women only.
  • The period to which each customer should be provided access differs
    based on the kind of pack they have paid for.
  • Such subscriptions & payments are managed by the Companies
    running the facility, in their own system.

Multi-Location Implementation

GYM Management solution In Multiple Locations (1)
GYM Management solution In Multiple Locations
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