Handheld Biometric Based

Classroom Attendance System for student

In College, taking classroom Attendance for every class is repetitive, non-productive activity, yet mandatory. The traditional method of calling Roll call & marking the Attendance register is being followed for ages now, which creates the need for digitizing this process with an accurate, faster & convenient electronic tool involving biometric verification of student’s fingers.

Classroom Attendance System For Collage Students

The solution is called “Smart Roll Call” which consist of a Biometric based Attendance Hardware & Application Software.

The hardware is a Battery operated Handheld device with 500/3000 Students users' capacity.

This is a simple 3 step Attendance capture process:

Portable Fingerprint Biometric Attendance Device

Professor carries a device to class and punches his finger to open attendance process on handheld for that class.

The device is passed on to students. Students punch-in their attendance while the professor continues to teach the class.

Once the attendance punching for the Class is done, the professor closes the attendance process by fingerprint punch again in the device.

This attendance is automatically pushed to the server over Wi-Fi and can be enjoyed anywhere via a web/mobile app. We can also do the Integration with your own ERP.

Since conventional attendance takes up approximately 5-10  minutes out of a 60 minutes lecture, we are helping you save approximately 10 – 17% of your semester study time!

It shall also comply to the following needs:
DIY (do-it-yourself)

The students shall punch their own attendance accurately & conveniently, while the lecture is ongoing, thus saving time spent otherwise.

Eliminate Proxy Punching

Eliminate the probability of Proxy attendance, there by fixing the known leakage.

Push Technology

Automate Entry of Attendance Data in the College Academic MIS to capture Human errors/bias.

Biometric Attendance

Visibility of real time attendance data online among Students & parents for transparency.

Mobile App

Mobile App for Students to view individual Attendance Report.

Face IT Systems has evolved a classroom attendance solution, “Smart Roll-Call” which complies with above requirement besides being a faster & effective tool to handle large Lecture Halls where even roll-call is also not possible. It is a Solution consisting of a Hand-held Biometric Hardware & Application Software to generate Analytical attendance report.

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Classroom attendance system

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Hand Held Biometric Attendance solution :HARDWARE FEATURES

  • Real time attendance.
  • Easy Finger Enrolment of Students & Professors in the Hand held Terminals.
  • Professor Log-in & Professor logs out.
  • To Create new course including Course Name and Code.
  • Facility to download list of students , Course from the server.
  • Marking Missed Attendance.
  • Assigning the Course to the Professor .
Portable Fingerprint Biometric Attendance Device

iCON : Pocket Size Biometric Device

MicroLOG Bio : Hand Held Biometric Device

TF43 with Battery Back-up : Hand Held Face Attendance Device

Smart roll call

Automated Classroom Attendance Solution

Advantages of "Smart Roll Call" Software for college student

  • Eliminates Proxy Attendance.
  • Saves time and helps teacher to conduct classes more efficiently.
  • Eliminates paper work.
  • Increases transparency between student, professor and parents.
  • Multiple student attendance report.
  • Light weight handheld portable device .
  • Easy integration with University management system (ERP).
  • Auto push of punch data to centralised server.
  • Mobile App for students and professors.

How to benefit from our "Smart Roll Call" college classroom attendance software for student

Accurate Attendance

Educational institutions can centrally and accurately monitor student attendance to prevent proxy attendance and errors/delays in Attendance data entry from Attendance register, which are common problems involved in manual attendance marking.


The handheld biometric device is convenient to be carried by the professor to the classroom and also for students to hold in hand and mark their attendance by simply scanning their finger, without any training & infrastructure.

Saves Time & Eliminate Paper work

Biometric based student attendance system saves the valuable Lecture time, everyday (normally 10% of the Class time) to record class attendance in less than 2 seconds per student.

Taking attendance during examination

Educational institutions can centrally and accurately monitor student attendance to prevent proxy attendance and errors/delays in Attendance data entry from Attendance register, which are common problems involved in manual attendance marking.


The automated attendance Solution also sends an instant SMS notification to the parents/guardians of that Absent student missing a lecture.

Increases transparency between Student, Professor and Parents

Our web based application software called Smart Rollcall helps students, Professors, and Admin to view the attendance report from any device (Mobile/laptop/tab) after due login.

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