Portable Fingerprint Biometric Attendance Device

World first Pocket Size Biometric Attendance System

Having a unique use case of Biometric based Attendance inside Classroom, still using a conventional biometric device with force-fitted hacks? Well, no two use cases are created equal, and hence we feel that there exists a need for a Pocket Size form factor battery operated Biometric Device Introducing iCON, the Worlds’s first truly compact, pocket sized, battery operated biometric device. iCON is a truly one of a kind device that is configured through your phone via Bluetooth, and given the compact Palm held, pocket size device, it is perfect attendance companion for on field applications.

Icon Pocket Size Biometric Attendance System
Icon Biometric Attendance Machine Size
Pocket size Biometric intelligent
Icon Fingerprint device
Device stores user fingerprint and Attendance records
bluetooth enable on icon biometric device
Communicates over
Connects to Server to using
Wifi Hotspot
Battery operated with
6-8 Hours

There are plenty of applications currently needing such form factors and features to address application area. Here is the right fit for all such hidden needs – iCON.

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iCON Pocket Size Fingerprint Biometric Attendance Machine Specification


iCON Fingerprint based Device Working Process

We can provide the following Pointers in this:

  1. Outdoor use – Yes
  2. Portable – Yes
  3. Rechargeable Battery operated – Yes
  4. Robust – Yes
  5. Face or fingerprint (or both) identification – Finger Only
  6. Has GPS to indicate the time and location of attendance registration. – Yes, with add-on Module.
  7. Automatic data download when connected to local network via wire or wireless – Wifi(Wireless) or Blue-tooth
  8. Restriction of accepting attendance out of the assigned working location – Can download the finger print of Employees who are meant to be in that location. Anyone whose finger is not there will not be able to punch the finger.
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