Imagine this – you’re looking at improving your office productivity and automating your attendance system. You do a tertiary search and buy a biometric attendance system. You feel you have done your part. The fun has just started. After making calls, you catch hold of the technician to set up an appointment. The technician arrives at your office, and you think that the hard part is done. He spends over half the day drilling holes and connecting your biometric device to your computer using LAN cables.

At this point, you see ugly wires and cables hanging in your office, but you think you’re almost there and all this will be over soon. The technician configures your attendance software and you finally take a sigh of relief, only to realize you need to create records for each of your employees and enroll their fingerprint on the biometric machine.

Sounds familiar? Well, all isn’t lost. Fortuna’s latest cloud attendance systems unlock an experience you may have never imagined.

Mobile Biometric Attendance Systems

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Working Process


Simply unbox your AI-based Face Recognition device


Plug your device into any power socket


Connect to a Wi-Fi network

Download Time O LOG Mobile APP

Download the Time O LOG Mobile APP in play store

Fast Employee Registration

Under 10 minutes

Attendance capture own smart phone

The employee can mark their attendance on their own smartphone.

GPS location capture

The GPS location will also be captured & will be posted on Cloud.

Quick Attendance Report

Quick attendance report sheet create & download on your mobile.

Small Organisation do not have the HR or IT infra to take up this responsibility. There is a need for a DIY system such that SME segment like shops/outlets/service providers etc., may create their own Login.

  • Simply unbox your AI-based Face Recognition device and plug it into a power socket. Connect it to your WiFi and you’re actually good to go! Say goodbye to dangling cables.
  • Download the Fortuna mobile app and register all your employees. You can speed this up by registering your employees through your phonebook. All your employees can be registered in under 10 minutes. Each of them can also download the Fortuna mobile app and access their individual logins.
  • Employees can click their selfies and enroll themselves on the face recognition terminal all in under 10 minutes.
  • Employees can mark their attendance from the Face recognition terminal and the system takes care of the rest. 
  • Additionally, employees can mark their attendance from their own mobile phones too, with Face recognition(No Proxy). The GPS location will also be captured & will be posted on Cloud. Employees & reporting heads may see the attendance marked instantly. Geo-fencing feature may also be enabled to restrict the geography wherein phone attendance can be marked. Both modes of marking attendance can coexist simultaneously.
  • Attendance reports are immediately available on mobile phones keeping the process agile and seamless.
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