Visitor Management System with Solutions

The conventional approach to Visitor Management system within an organization involves recording visitor details, capturing photos, and verifying mobile numbers through OTP. The approval process, whether offline or online, is facilitated by employee endorsement.

This results in the generation of a Visitor Record, and a Gate Pass Coupon containing a QR Code is produced to facilitate access. Subsequently, the check-in and check-out process for the visitor is entirely manual.

In cases where doors are Access Controlled, security personnel utilize security master cards to permit entry. However, the entry and exit records for visitors are not captured, leading to a lack of visitor tracking.

Recognizing the need for automation through technology for efficient operation, our "Smart Visitor" Solution offers the following automation methods:

For Non-Access Controlled Doors:

  1. Mobile App: Security personnel at the door can use a mobile app to scan the QR Code generated for the Visitor Appointment during check-in and check-out.
  2. Mobile Camera-based Face Recognition: Security can employ face recognition through the mobile app, reducing the risk of QR Code misuse.

For Access Controlled Doors:

  1. Face Recognition Terminal: Access Controlled Doors are opened using a Face Recognition Terminal connected to an Electric Lock/Turnstile, ensuring Visitor Face Identification in online mode.
  2. QR Code Reading: The Visitor Pass QR Code can be read using a QR Reader connected to the Access Controlled Door Lock, for physical check-in.
  3. Voice Assistant Integration: Doors can be opened using voice assistants like “Alexa.”

Visitor Passes containing photos and QR Codes can be conveniently sent directly to WhatsApp for a paperless operation and mobile number verification.

FaceIT Systems provides a Cloud or on-premise based solution to elevate security and enhance the overall visitor experience.

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